Pro-gard P2L

Step 2: Enter the input data for your project into the cells below.

Input Data For Your Project


  • Be sure lamp maintenance time includes time for approvals, down time, paperwork, lock out/tag out, man lift, etc.
  • Use the fully loaded labor rate
  • Many harsh and hazardous locations require two person teams for maintenance

Step 3: Click the tabs below to view the cost savings and ROI realized with the Pro-gard P2L.

Energy Savings & Maintenance Savings

Energy Savings
LED System
Annual energy consumption (kWhr)
Annual energy cost $ $
Energy cost over life of LED system $ $
Annual Energy Savings $
Energy savings over life of the LED system $
Maintenance Savings
LED System
Years of maintenance free operation
Annual cost of replacement lamps $ $0.00
Annual maintenance costs $ $0.00
Annual lamp & maintenance savings $
Lamp & maintenance savings over life of the LED system $

Total Cost of Ownership Comparison

Total Cost of Ownership
LED System
Initial investment $ $
Tax rebate $0.00 $
Net investment $ $
Total energy costs $ $
Total labor costs $ $0.00
Total cost of ownership $ $
Total Savings
LED System
Energy savings $
Labor & material savings $
Total savings $
Initial Investment $
Estimated Tax Rebate $
Total return $

Payback Period on the Incremental LED Cost (years):

Payback period on the entire LED installation (years):

Equivilant Environmental Impact*

Reduction in CO2 Emissions (lbs)
Reduction in Coal Emissions (lbs)
Fewer cars on the road
Acres of trees planted
Number of households annual electricity usage

*Based on Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) emissions factor assumptions.